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Cloud Services

Comprehensive IT Support to ensure you are getting the best from your investment in IT

Cloud Solutions offer businesses a cost-effective, scalable IT infrastructure designed to meet the demands of today’s competitive marketplace. Nobive Solutions offers a range of cloud solutions tailor made just to ensure the right solution is available each client.

Server Virtualization

Server virtualization is one of the most effective ways for a business to reduce it’s IT costs whilst increasing it’s efficiency and agility. We have the expertise and experience to help our clients improve the efficiency and cost effectiveness of their IT systems through server consolidation and business continuity.

Desktop Virtualization

Desktop virtualization is becoming increasingly popular with businesses who want to access their applications and documents any time, anywhere. Desktop virtualization allows a desktop environment to be removed from the PC, meaning applications, data and files are located on a remove server rather than a hard drive.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Rather than purchasing new servers, software, network equipment or storage space, increasing amounts of businesses are now turning to cloud providers for a fully-outsourced service where they are only billed for the equipment that they have used.  Infrastructure as a Service provides businesses with numerous benefits.