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Asset tags are an incredibly valuable resource for entities with physical assets that must be inventoried, monitored and tracked. With asset tags, the burden of physical record-keeping is drastically reduced, leaving less room for human error and vastly improving the accuracy of your documentation. Asset tags are always customized to look as per the client requirement.


What you need to know

The standard and most common asset tag type is the anodized alluminium asset tag that is of size 39mmx13mm and comes with acetone activated adhesive. Since the alluminium is anodized, the surface is protected from corrosive environments and can be used both for indoors and outdoor environment. This type of asset tag as the longest lifespan and depending on the environment of application, it can last to up to 10 years.

Asset Tags In Kenya

Why you need asset tags?

Physical asset monitoring. Track your company's physical assets and resources with ease.

Automate inventory control. Combined with an asset tracking software application, asset ID labels streamline the otherwise stressful task of inventory management. With every scan, your records are up-to-date and accurate—pull up inventory status, plan re-orders and schedule deliveries with a few clicks.

Precise maintenance management. Many organizations rely on physical assets to perform services. Automate your maintenance management control processes and maintain accurate records on repairs, replacement scheduling and standard maintenance and calibration.

Loss prevention. Asset tags are extremely useful for deterring theft


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