Data Backup

Triple Replication

With us, all data is replicated 3 times with our cloud storage platform to always ensure integrity is maintained at any given time.

254-bit Encryption

All data is compresses and encrypted before leaving your computer. Transfer to our servers is through SSL. We do not keep any encryption keys and cannot access your data.

Unlimited Backup Setups

There are no limits on the number of concurrent backups that can be performed at any given time. No charges for any restores done as well.

Flexible Scheduling

Create multiple schedules for your backup sets. Schedule onsite and offsite backups to work hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly or one time.

Cross Platform

Our software supportsmultiple operagting systems. Backup can be done from Windows, Mac or Novel systems with ease and without any additional costs.

Network Files

Network shares and files across the network can be backed up just as easily as local files. Network shares can be used as a local copy destination or temporary spooling directories.

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